What's on at the Festival of Marketing
Where marketing meets, November 2014, London
What's on at the Festival of Marketing

The Festival of Marketing 2013 covered the entire marketing landscape to help marketers attack the greatest challenges facing our discipline. It was a mix of curated content, live demos, networking parties, charity events, debates, keynotes and a rampant Fringe all located within three tube stops of each other.

Get in touch: email info@festivalofmarketing.com or register your interest to find out more about the Festival of Marketing 2014.

Here’s an example of the events that took place in 2013:

Festival events

Where marketing meets sales.


Where marketing meets customer experience.


Where marketing meets the new creative.


Where marketing meets data & analytics.

Digital Cream FX

Where marketing’s digital elite meets.

Fringe events

A TV dinner - hosted by DMA

Bladdered Again! - hosted by Bladdered

Breakfast Briefing – Creating Content for Search, Social and Customers, hosted by CMA

Charity University Challenge Pub Quiz - hosted by Econsultancy & The Marketing Academy

Digital PR Research Roundtable - hosted by PRCA

Direct Margarita Night - hosted by GMA/DMI

Marketing Frenzy - hosted by Econsultancy

Marketing Leaders Dinner - hosted by ISBA, Marketing Week and Econsultancy

Marketing Leaders Programme: 10-Year Celebration - hosted by Marketing Society

Merlin Lecture with Phil Rumbol - hosted by The Marketing Academy Networking Evening, hosted by ISBA

Psych - Conference and Online Publication Series - hosted by Chinwag Shuffle, Essence

The Marketing Mixer - hosted by IDM

Youth 100 - hosted the Youth 100 (The Beans Group)

Data geeks are in da' house. #Crunch13 #FoM13 (@TrumanBrewery w/ @ian_pollard)
Must say #Funnel13 was really good today. Learnt lots, more acronyms to share, great speakers, decent coffee & WiFi! Bring on #Jump13 #FoM13
"It’s really been a buzzy, busy day and it’s been great to just soak up a lot of knowledge."
Ed Percival, Head of Marketing and Communication, Landmark Trust
Looking forward to #Funnel13 and meeting friends and clients committed to #b2b excellence.
"Presentations were nice, short and lots of bumping into each other time, I liked the format, definitely come again!"
Ed Percival, Head of Marketing and Communication, Landmark Trust
Looking forward to a busy day - learning latest marketing trends! #Funnel13
"I'd definitely recommend it to my colleagues...if you don’t come to these events you're going to be left behind, your thinking will be tired and outdated."
Simon Brighty, Senior Marketing Executive, AON UK
"Anyone looking to mingle with some really impressive names and people I would say 'definitely come to the Festival of Marketing', it has been really rewarding."
Andrew Davies, Director, idio Ltd
At Punch/Crunch at the Festival of Marketing feeding the inner geek! #DataGeek #Geek #FoM13 #Crunch13
"The Festival crystallises a lot of the things...it really brings to the fore the primary, key issues and confirms things you already believed, which is reassuring."
Simon Hodges, Marketing Director at Letraset UK Ltd
"Punch helped expand my knowledge from new ways of thinking in terms of creativity…to engaging people’s reaction, that's really interesting."
Olivia Brown, Content Marketing Executive, Sleek Make Up
"The Festival of Marketing is an important event for us to have in the UK, it’s a 34 billion industry that deserves an event that celebrates all that’s good about marketing, media and advertising."
Charlie Salter, COO, Econsultancy
Success of #Analytics is not the numbers, but how analysis is presented & how analysts and marketers interact #FoM13 #Crunch13 #goodtotalk
"It’s been a really good blend to have Punch and Crunch together, it gives you a really good insight to marketing moving forward."
Lee Radburn, Business Development Manager, AT Internet
"It’s been a great day, some excellent speakers, really nice venue and really well organised."
Robert Yardy, Marketing Manager, MMT Digital
"Today's take from #FoM13 back to basics, good foundations, customers not channel, board buy-in, storytelling, journey, the job is never done."
@Kickflipx team is having a fabulous time at #Punch13 so far! Excited about what's coming next #FoM13
"It’s been great to see and compare all the major players in the marketing automation industry here at Funnel today."
Luwito Tardia, Web Conversion Strategist, Firebrand Training
"At #Funnel13 listening to @philipmart1n talk about their B2B in-bound strategy - #FoM13 is a bit like Glastonbury for marketeers..."
Love a nice waterfall chart when showing analytics #FoM13 #Crunch13 Don't let the Finance Dept be the only people in org to knock these out!
Looking forward to #Crunch13 tomorrow - really interesting agenda.
"I have to say, just generally, it has just been the calibre of the crowd that are here. There are so many impressive badges, names and companies, not just for publishers but for brands too."
Andrew Davies, Director, idio Ltd
"It was my first time at Jump today. It was busy, engaging and the sessions were very interesting. Would definitely recommend this to my colleagues and come again!"
Anthony Malone, Head of Email, Rentalcars.com
"My day at Funnel has been really amazing, I’ve learnt some things that I can take back to my company and implement."
Verity Brain, Marketing Manager, Procserve
"Punch and Crunch has been really interesting, a more relaxed atmosphere than a lot of conferences. It feels creative, conversations are relaxed and not sales-y at all."
Stephen Partridge, Sitecore
Time to increase the marketing knowledge! #FoM13 #festivalofmarketing #dayoflearning #Funnel13
At #Funnel13 to listen and learn.
At Punch/Crunch at the Festival of Marketing feeding the inner geek! #DataGeek #Geek #FoM13 #Crunch13
"The Festival has given me a really good snapshot of the state of the industry…it’s a real coming together, you get to hear from lots of high profile marketers."
Simon Hodges, Marketing Director at Letraset UK Ltd
Great talk from Russell Davies of @gdsteam "We are the Government!" #FoM13 #Punch13
@FestofMarketing Today is a meeting of the technological and creative minds, let's see how it goes #Crunch13 #Punch13 #FoM1
"Really useful, some really good speakers, not sales-y - just important industry information."
Vanessa Ball, Digital Marketing Manager, The Color Company
At #Funnel13 seeing how others are increasing sales leads by use of technology #salesforce #marketo #eloqua #marketingautomation
What's on at the Festival of Marketing

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