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Scroll through the events below to see what Fringe events took place during the Festival of Marketing 2013.

A TV dinner
What's on the menu at A TV dinner? Channel 4, ITV, Thinkbox and zeebox are just some of the big names on our expert panel. They'll be discussing how brands can combine the targeting and analytics of direct with the creative power of TV, making the most of the second screen to create experiences and call to action, plus much more. You'll also get the chance to ask questions about the new opportunities in targeted and data-led commercial TV. And in keeping with the TV dinner theme, we're shouting everyone dinner and drinks. Well it's the least we can do after a long day.
Bladdered Again!
Bladdered Again! has been running for over 8 years now and is an informal networking event for the creative community. The brainchild of Phil Jones, founder of the Podge lunches, Bladdered was created with one sole purpose – to bring likeminded people from all walks of the creative community, from digital to design, agency or client side, together to drink, socialise, make new contacts and have some fun. Hosted by a different agency every quarter, this October, Econsultancy have taken on the mantle and will be hosting their very own Bladdered Again! as part of the Festival of Marketing fringe event calendar.
Breakfast Briefing - Creating Content for Search, Social and Customers
Discover the key content trends of 2013 and beyond, from organisations and people who are at the cutting edge of the content strategy revolution. We’ll look at how an optmised content strategy contributes to a brand’s findability online, how new forms of distribution affect your publishing strategy and how doing it right leads to greater business success. Key note speakers - Alastair Cotterill, Creative Strategist, Facebook and Nic McCarthy, Content Director, Seven. With more speakers to be confirmed.
Digital PR Research Roundtable
As part of the Festival Marketing, the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) – the PR trade body - will be presenting its findings on how the future of the PR profession is likely to be shaped by the emergence of digital. Chaired by Danny Whatmough – Ketchum Associate Director of Digital, and Chair of the PRCA Digital Group – the panel will examine exclusive results on a survey of the digital PR landscape.
Direct Margarita Night
GMA will be staging the London branch of our world – famous Direct Margarita International networking meet-ups, enabling marketers to chat with like-minded business associates and potential clients.
Marketing Frenzy
Marketing Frenzy rounds off the week in style as all work and no play certainly isn't one of the key attributes of a modern marketer. It's a curated evening of music, comedy, art and dancing and is open to all pass holders and sponsors of the Festival of Marketing. Join your industry for the largest party of the year to rub shoulders (or more), laugh (we hope), dance (all creative approaches welcome) and be seen with the who's who of UK marketing.
Marketing Leaders Dinner
ISBA, Marketing Week and Econsultancy
This dinner will host the UK's most senior marketers and digital marketers and Festival partners for this invitation-only night co-hosted by ISBA, Marketing Week and Econsultancy. The evening's theme is 'Digital Transformation - getting the culture, technology and investment right'.
Marketing Leaders Programme
The Marketing Society
The Marketing Society, Marketing Leaders Programme in association with Brand Learning have been developing leaders of tomorrow for a decade. Join us and hear from the programme’s leadership coach whose ‘Future-Engage-Deliver’ approach has been adopted. As a one-off; we are offering senior non-scholar marketers, what is normally an exclusive event, the opportunity to have their first taste of what it’s like to be a part of the MLP Alumni. You will be in some outstanding company and socialising with some of the industry’s finest.
Merlin Lecture - Phil Rumbol
The Marketing Academy
"Disciplined Creativity: Unlearning old habits and learning new ones". Most CEO's want their organisation to be more creative and innovative, but the reality is often very different. The trouble is there are so many learned behaviours or habits, ingrained in us through our education into our career, that get in the way. Drawing on over 20 years experience in trying to drive innovative marketing in big multinationals, and 3 years as a Founding Partner in a creative company start up, Phil will share his thoughts on how to cultivate the right sort of habits and discipline to allow creativity to flourish in business.
Networking Evening
ISBA, the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers, is the representative body for UK advertisers. As part of our service offering, we host regular Insight & Networking events to ensure that our members are kept up-to-date with the latest marketing and media trends. These events not only provide valuable insights, but also give attendees the opportunity to network with their industry peers. Our next I&N event features presentations from (Music Marketing) and Virgin Media (Disruptive Advertising). Our Insight & Networking events are free to attend, but places are limited, so book now to guarantee your spot.
Psych - Conference and Online Publication Series
Join us at the first PsychUp, a gathering for marketers, academics and anyone with an interest how businesses can use psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics to do business better. Following the hugely successful Chinwag Psych earlier this year in May, this meetup will showcase two leading thinkers in the field, with a few drinks and a chance to chat and network with like-minded people.
Shuffle is a digital marketing event not to be missed! It’s an afternoon where industry influencers (speakers and delegates alike) come together to share their latest experiments and insights in the digital marketing space. As Shuffle is in its 6th year there are plenty of event highlights and past speakers, such as Google, Barclay’s and Arsenal Football Club to view and share. If you’re a client side senior marketer and keen to attend – be sure to get in touch with the hosts at Essence to get on the invite list for this year’s Shuffle.
Tell The Truth with Sue Unerman
In 2012 MediaCom’s Chief Strategy Officer Sue Unerman published Tell the Truth, Honesty is your most powerful marketing tool. In this manifesto for authenticity, Unerman argues that more and more marketers are turning away from easily constructed spin and digging deep into the truth of their brands to deliver real competitive advantage. In this session Unerman will present the argument for authenticity, illustrated with some case studies. She will then open the floor to the attendees to share their own experiences of truth telling in marketing in order to begin the collection of case studies for the next issue of the book. Please come along to hear the case, and also bring a “show and tell” 5 minute case study to share.
The Marketing Mixer
If you're an agency MD, the Marketing Mixer will be THE place to meet and mingle with your counterparts and colleagues in the heart of ‘agency land’. Sample our range of specially blended cocktails on arrival or have one of your own shaken (or stirred) to order. It all starts at 6.30pm and will be by invitation only. This will be a very select guest list, so if you get an exclusive invite in the post in the coming weeks, guard it fiercely and RSVP promptly!
University Challenge (Charity Night)
The Marketing Academy and Econsultancy
This charity event run by the Festival of Marketing and Marketing Academy involves 28 teams of 4 competing to find out who is the most informed marketing team in the UK. There are five sections to the Challenge: Digital, Creative Advertising, Data & Insight, Media and Brands. Teams will have to make sure they cover the whole spectrum of modern marketing to have a good chance of winning! All proceeds will be split between and
Youth 100 Workshop
Youth 100 (The Beans Group)
The Youth 100 is a unique piece of research for the marketing community, launched at the biggest Youth Awards ceremony of the year - an exclusive event featuring the awards, insights and brand and youth panel discussions.
What's on at the Festival of Marketing
"Punch and Crunch has been really interesting, a more relaxed atmosphere than a lot of conferences. It feels creative, conversations are relaxed and not sales-y at all."
Stephen Partridge, Sitecore
@FestofMarketing Today is a meeting of the technological and creative minds, let's see how it goes #Crunch13 #Punch13 #FoM1
At #Funnel13 seeing how others are increasing sales leads by use of technology #salesforce #marketo #eloqua #marketingautomation
Looking forward to a busy day - learning latest marketing trends! #Funnel13
"Punch helped expand my knowledge from new ways of thinking in terms of creativity…to engaging people’s reaction, that's really interesting."
Olivia Brown, Content Marketing Executive, Sleek Make Up
"It’s been a great day, some excellent speakers, really nice venue and really well organised."
Robert Yardy, Marketing Manager, MMT Digital
"At #Funnel13 listening to @philipmart1n talk about their B2B in-bound strategy - #FoM13 is a bit like Glastonbury for marketeers..."
@Kickflipx team is having a fabulous time at #Punch13 so far! Excited about what's coming next #FoM13
Data geeks are in da' house. #Crunch13 #FoM13 (@TrumanBrewery w/ @ian_pollard)
"I have to say, just generally, it has just been the calibre of the crowd that are here. There are so many impressive badges, names and companies, not just for publishers but for brands too."
Andrew Davies, Director, idio Ltd
Love a nice waterfall chart when showing analytics #FoM13 #Crunch13 Don't let the Finance Dept be the only people in org to knock these out!
"Anyone looking to mingle with some really impressive names and people I would say 'definitely come to the Festival of Marketing', it has been really rewarding."
Andrew Davies, Director, idio Ltd
"It’s been great to see and compare all the major players in the marketing automation industry here at Funnel today."
Luwito Tardia, Web Conversion Strategist, Firebrand Training
"I'd definitely recommend it to my colleagues...if you don’t come to these events you're going to be left behind, your thinking will be tired and outdated."
Simon Brighty, Senior Marketing Executive, AON UK
At #Funnel13 to listen and learn.
Success of #Analytics is not the numbers, but how analysis is presented & how analysts and marketers interact #FoM13 #Crunch13 #goodtotalk
"Really useful, some really good speakers, not sales-y - just important industry information."
Vanessa Ball, Digital Marketing Manager, The Color Company
"My day at Funnel has been really amazing, I’ve learnt some things that I can take back to my company and implement."
Verity Brain, Marketing Manager, Procserve
"It was my first time at Jump today. It was busy, engaging and the sessions were very interesting. Would definitely recommend this to my colleagues and come again!"
Anthony Malone, Head of Email,
"It’s really been a buzzy, busy day and it’s been great to just soak up a lot of knowledge."
Ed Percival, Head of Marketing and Communication, Landmark Trust
"It’s been a really good blend to have Punch and Crunch together, it gives you a really good insight to marketing moving forward."
Lee Radburn, Business Development Manager, AT Internet
Looking forward to #Funnel13 and meeting friends and clients committed to #b2b excellence.
"The Festival of Marketing is an important event for us to have in the UK, it’s a 34 billion industry that deserves an event that celebrates all that’s good about marketing, media and advertising."
Charlie Salter, COO, Econsultancy
Looking forward to #Crunch13 tomorrow - really interesting agenda.
Time to increase the marketing knowledge! #FoM13 #festivalofmarketing #dayoflearning #Funnel13
Must say #Funnel13 was really good today. Learnt lots, more acronyms to share, great speakers, decent coffee & WiFi! Bring on #Jump13 #FoM13
"Presentations were nice, short and lots of bumping into each other time, I liked the format, definitely come again!"
Ed Percival, Head of Marketing and Communication, Landmark Trust
"The Festival has given me a really good snapshot of the state of the industry…it’s a real coming together, you get to hear from lots of high profile marketers."
Simon Hodges, Marketing Director at Letraset UK Ltd
At Punch/Crunch at the Festival of Marketing feeding the inner geek! #DataGeek #Geek #FoM13 #Crunch13
"The Festival crystallises a lot of the really brings to the fore the primary, key issues and confirms things you already believed, which is reassuring."
Simon Hodges, Marketing Director at Letraset UK Ltd
"Today's take from #FoM13 back to basics, good foundations, customers not channel, board buy-in, storytelling, journey, the job is never done."
At Punch/Crunch at the Festival of Marketing feeding the inner geek! #DataGeek #Geek #FoM13 #Crunch13
Great talk from Russell Davies of @gdsteam "We are the Government!" #FoM13 #Punch13

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