This year's Festival agenda is built around the principles of the Modern Marketing Manifesto with each session reflecting current trends. The overarching theme of the Festival of Marketing is digital transformation, which will feature throughout the programme.

Marketing moves to the boardroom

Defining the new role of marketing, bringing the customer to the boardroom, how becoming a data-driven organisation will help achieve and sustain growth (locally and globally) and why marketers are best placed in the boardroom leading the way. Topics will cover organisational structure, skills, talent, culture and the importance of data.
Data & Analytics
Track, measure and improve

Using the right metrics, KPIs and making data meaningful to create a culture of data-driven decision-making and marketing advantage. Learn how effective marketers have optimised business results by using data analysis and segmentation to deliver more timely and relevant campaigns.
Trends, stats and the voice of the customer

Making the most out of market research, listening to the voice of the customer and how insight can be used to reduce risk and inform strategy. Topics include using new methods, platforms and technologies to understand the connected customer.
The new reality

Aligning content with customer needs, delivering it in relevant ways across platforms and making the best use of your marketing content. Learn how successful marketers have used storytelling to reinforce a brand’s credibility and authenticity, and turn fans into customers.
Awareness and ROI

Developing an agile marketing strategy, managing a crisis through social and demonstrating the ROI of social. Topics will cover social analytics, crowd sourcing and co-creation, social CRM and using social to create a big impact when you don’t have a big budget.
Moving towards 1-to-1 marketing

Tailoring the online journey to create unique customer experiences, delivering rewarding and fulfilling experiences and increasing the relevance to build deeper brand engagement. Speakers will look at segmentation, location, device, screen size, usage characteristics and the weather can help inform and power personalisation.
The sales and marketing pipeline

Driving sales and marketing alignment and strategy, improving B2B campaign effectiveness and maximising timely, relevant and personalised communications to nurture leads. Topics will cover account-based marketing, retention and loyalty schemes, data roadmapping, the value of video and how to optimise your website to enhance the customer journey.
Consistency across channels

Creating a seamless customer-driven experience, adapting your business to overcome silos, bridging the gap between in-store and online channels and why mobile is key to an effective multichannel strategy. Topics will cover digital experiences in-store, multi-screen usage, attribution, KPIs and what good looks like in a multichannel context.
Brand & Creative
Great stories and effective design

Fostering innovation and creativity in your products and design, demonstrating your brand values and scaling it across all touch points and finding the right story while staying on brand. Speakers will look at lux brands, brand collaborations, becoming a ‘best friend brand’ through behavioural marketing and how to grow your business while maintaining culture and brand authenticity.
Customer Experience
Delighting the consumer

Shaping a sustainable customer-centric culture, delivering compelling customer experiences, creating campaigns to drive behavioural change, using personas and customer journey mapping to drive more relevant experiences. Learn how successful marketers optimise the customer experience to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
The Transformation Hub

From strategic sessions aimed at those transforming their teams to essential marketing know-how, The Transformation Hub is your go-to destination for practical advice you can put to use immediately.

Cabinet of Curiosities
From film makers to clairvoyants, Chinese oddities to data and body parts, breakfast clubs to global social quests, just drop by the Cabinet of Curiosities to get a different take on where this whole world of marketing mayhem may be heading.